Five Appreciating Assets That You Should Know About For Profitable Investment

Five Appreciating Assets

What are appreciating Assets

Those assets that increase their value from the date of their acquisition are said to be appreciating assets. Stocks and real estate assets are the most common examples of appreciating assets.


A very common appreciating asset that people invest in for better capital appreciation. They come in many shapes but two of the most common are mentioned below:

Standard Stock

These are chosen by most of the investors as they have a very high chance for capital gain when the company performs well and increases value.

Preferred Stock

Compared to standard stock preferred stock a has low chance for capital gain but it has many benefits as compared to common stock such as getting higher dividend yield and being paid their share first in case of bankruptcy.

Real Estate

These are tangible assets such as land, buildings, and other investments related to residential or commercial purposes. The value of land often increases while the building is a depreciated asset but it also has a very high chance to increase in value.

The most common real estate investments are apartments, residential houses, office buildings, or warehouses. Even though they are less liquidated as compared to stocks they have significant potential for capital appreciation. Investors who want to increase their wealth must consider this option for a strong investment portfolio.

Natural Resources

Investing in natural resources such as metal (gold, silver, and platinum), gas, and energy brings a lot of profit nowadays and these commodities rapidly increase their value as these are widely used by the world population, so investing in these resources is no doubt the best way to increase wealth.


Art has been one of the most profitable options for earning a handsome profit since ancient times. Investing in Antique artwork is a very beneficial investment for the 21st century. The factors that can influence the value of the art are rarity and historical significance.

Savings Accounts and Bonds

As the 21st century is the digital era investing in banking is no doubt an essential need for most people. The savings account is very profitable for the investors if they have a good amount of idle cash which is not used for their business as they come with very vast options such as interest and withdrawals.

Bonds are also a good option for investing money as it is a debt security and the bond issuer pays you interest on your principal on the agreed or maturity date.

It is crucial to research and study the market and your risk tolerance before making any decision related to these appreciating assets. Make sure to make a strong investment portfolio to mitigate the risk and loss.


Which is the fastest appreciating asset?

Stocks and real estate assets are the fastest appreciating assets than any other.

Is a certificate of deposit an appreciating asset?

Yes, it is an appreciating asset because you get interest income on your deposited amount which increases your investment value.

How to account for asset appreciation?

For asset appreciation one can use the market value approach, cost approach, and income/benefit approach.

Why do we appreciate assets?

Appreciation of an asset means increasing in value of an asset, so one can take benefit of rising asset price.

Is gold an appreciating asset?

Gold’s value fluctuates frequently and the return on gold is dependent on its appreciation, so yes gold is an appreciating asset.

Are cryptocurrencies appreciating assets?

Investors hold cryptocurrencies for shorter or longer periods as per their risk tolerance capability but as it changes very often, we can say that cryptocurrencies may be appreciating assets.

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