What Are Household Assets? Everything You Need To Know

What Are Household Assets

An asset is an economic resource that is owned and controlled by an individual, entity, or company. These assets hold significant value and importance.

What Are Household Assets

These assets refer to those valuable resources which are controlled and owned by an individual, group, or family within a household. These assets are widely used for investment and personal purposes. The followings are the most common examples of household assets.

Examples of household assets
What Are Household Assets

Real Estate

These are the property that holds a significant investment. Houses, apartments, and vacation homes are examples of real estate.


Vehicles play an essential role in the day to day life especially when moving from one place to another. Cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, and vans are examples of vehicles.


Investments such as stocks, bonds, certificates of deposits, and company shares that are owned by an individual, group, or family are part of household assets.


Valuable appliances and furniture such as imported beds, rocking chairs, armchairs, and sofas are examples of furniture.

Other common examples of household assets are:

  • Savings accounts
  • checking accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Cash deposits
  • Bank account
  • Valuable artworks
  • Collectible items
  • Antique pieces
  • Pieces of jewelry
  • Smartphones ‘
  • Tablets
  • Computers, etc.


Are household items considered assets?

Yes, household items are assets that belong to an individual, group, or family.

Is checking and saving accounts considered assets?

Yes, checking and savings accounts are assets because these both hold a significant and positive value for an individual.

Is 401k considered a household asset?

401k is a retirement account that is included in the household assets.

Are bank deposits considered household assets?

If a bank account is a personal account, it is considered a household asset.

What are the 4 types of household assets?

Real estate, investments, checking and savings account, and vehicles are examples of household assets.

Is a car a household asset?

A car is a vehicle that is included in the household assets.

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