What Are Restricted And Unrestricted Net Assets & How To Calculate It

What Are Restricted And Unrestricted Net Assets

The term restricted and unrestricted net asset is used for non-profit organizations. These two categories of funds have limitations and conditions when used.

What Are Restricted Net Assets

These are the financial resources that come with donor-imposed limitations on use. The donors or other external parties can decide how to use that fund within an organization. This fund can be used in a project or a program. The funds should be used according to the donor’s intentions and this fund is legally bound. There are two types of restricted net assets.

Temporary Restricted Net Asset: these funds or resources come with limitations that will be expired within the time and with some conditions. Once the period or condition is passed the fund will be unrestricted and available for use for the organization’s operations.

Permanently Restricted Net Assets: the principal will be unharmed or should be intact but the income received by the investments can be used for specific purposes or programs.

What Are Restricted And Unrestricted Net Assets & How To Calculate It
What Are Restricted And Unrestricted Net Assets

What Are Unrestricted Net Assets

Unrestricted net assets are those resources that do not come with any donor-imposed limitations and can be used in day-to-day business operations. These assets play an essential role in the non-profit organization because these assets help them to face, stable, and manage incidental challenges.

How To Calculate Unrestricted Net Assets

The first step in finding unrestricted net assets is to find the total net assets of the organizations. To find the net assets of the company, subtract the total liabilities of a company from its total assets and you will get the value of net assets, once you find the net assets just minus the restricted net assets and you will get the value of unrestricted net assets.


What is the unrestricted net assets journal entry?

When an organization receives the fund with no donor-imposed restriction, it is recorded as:

  • Debit: Cash or other financial assets
  • Credit: Unrestricted Net Assets Or Revenue

What does negative unrestricted net assets mean?

The negative unrestricted net assets are the indicator of a declining organization or exceeding the debts of the organization.

What are net assets with donor restriction?

The part of the net assets value that has limitations for its uses which is imposed by the donors.

What are net assets without donor restriction?

Net assets of the non-profit organization that have no restrictions or limitations imposed by the donors can be used for day-to-day operations.

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